About Nic James


After graduating from college Nic began to foster his interest in working with wood by leading trail building crews during the summer months. Turnpikes, culverts, retaining walls, bridges and other structures were constructed with hand tools and elbow grease in the back country of our wilderness areas of the West.

In the summer of ’97 a good friend who was an accomplished carpenter, presented Nic with an opportunity to help build his house in Olympia. Thus began his carpentry apprenticeship. Two and a half years and hundreds of hours later, with many stops in between, the project was complete. The house (featured in the portfolio) was inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement and in particular the turn of the century architects Greene and Greene. The house remains a wonderful testament to both Kyle and Nic that through determination, artistry and hard work, one can truly live within the words “ May the Beauty you love be the beauty you make.”

Nic went on to further his carpentry skills by working for several different contractors and eventually in the Spring of 2001 founded Beech Tree Building Company. After a fruitful year and a half , he was accepted into the College of the Redwoods in California. There they have a renowned “Fine Woodworking Program” established by master woodworker James Krenov. Nic enjoyed a very successful year learning about and building gallery quality, fine furniture. After gaining his certificate he returned to Olympia with new skills and further devotion to high quality custom woodwork.

Nic has always had a great love and appreciation for the natural world and doing what we can to preserve and protect the environment. One way he has chosen to support and promote the sustainability of our limited natural resources is through the materials that he uses. This “green building” combined with integrity, quality craftmenship and a high level of professionalism are the standards to which he continually aspires. He has had the great fortune of being able to have coworkers who share the same values. Nic and his small woodworking company (LI profile) look forward to enjoying the success that comes from creativity, hard work and dedication.