Joyce Pidone

Joyce Pidone, Beech Tree Office Manager & Freelance Graphic Designer

Joyce Pidone, Beech Tree Office Manager & Freelance Graphic Designer

Joyce grew up in Ohio and attended the University of Dayton seeking a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She became disenchanted with the traditional form of education in the arts and moved to Olympia in 2000 to finish her liberal arts degree at The Evergreen State College. Having several professors guide her thru the last year of school, she realized that illustration and graphic arts were areas that could satisfy her creative drive, use her skills at organization and allow her to have a flexible career path.

After graduating, Joyce found herself intrigued by a man sitting in a storefront window of a (then) downtown Olympia business illustrating wildlife at his drawing table. After several visits thru the window, the man asked her to assist him in drawing, as his work load was more than he could manage. Joyce soon became a full time employee at WinsorFireform, a local company who uses a proprietary process to create porcelain enamel signs for the National Parks Service, zoos and municipal facilities world-wide. Her skills as a graphic designer grew as she moved from designing by hand, using paste up methods, to relying on the computer to develop her images. She quickly went from designer/ illustrator to art director, being responsible for customer relations from conception thru completion.

After getting married and having a child, Joyce decided to engage in a more flexible schedule and start her own freelance business as a small business logo and brand developer.

Joyce teamed up with Nic James more that 15 years ago developing his initial logo and brand. “I have watched this little tree grow into an ethical, sustainable, and creative contribution in the world of home building and remodeling” Nic and I have allowed his visual signature to grow as well. “We never lose sight of the the important design characteristics that define him.”

Joyce joined Beech Tree to assist in assuring brand continuity and establishing front office operation procedures. “It is an ideal place for me…I get to thrive thru my design ideas and work with a group of very talented craftsmen, who are committed to giving the community a sustainable, high quality product!”