Paul Brewster: Modern Europly Kitchen

Modern Europly Kitchen

While one will obviously pay more for custom cabinets, the one-of-a-kind design, craftsmanship, and custom fit that you get with a cabinet company like BTBC cannot be matched by the big box store brands of factory made cabinets. BTBC designed, built and installed custom kitchen cabinets and counter tops in our remodeled kitchen. Nic worked with us to turn our design ideas and concepts into beautiful, functional cabinetry. He offered useful design suggestions throughout the planning process that we had not thought of, but were so glad he did. The efforts of the BTBC crew should not be overlooked. They are a very talented group of cabinet makers. We are totally impressed with the quality and the precision in which they constructed and installed the cabinets. We chose euro-box style cabinets with inset doors and drawers built with baltic-birch europly plywood to go with our midcentury rambler. We can see all of the rabbet and dado joints on the exposed edges of the quality plywood. Everything is tight, square, clean, simple, and works perfectly. We know these cabinets will serve us and the future home’s owners long into the future. I think that is the real point of sustainable and Nic made sure that is what we achieved. Thanks, Nic!

Paul Brewster
From: Olympia, WA
Photo Gallery
Date: February 12, 2012