Steven Hendricks

We were originally considering going with conventional cabinets. The limited choices and questionable origins of materials gave us second thoughts. When we first contacted Beech Tree, we assumed it was a pipe dream—that we’d be priced right out of that option. To our great surprise, the price difference between what we’d been considering and what Beech Tree could do was not that great. The quality difference, however, was enormous. Each step of the way, the guys at Beech Tree were thoughtful, responsive to our needs and requests, and went out of their way to make sure we were delighted with the final product. They even invited us to visit the workshop, to see the process and tools and watch our cabinets come together. We were impressed. Our carpenters were impressed, too. As the pieces arrived, the carpenters swooned over the quality of the alder, the beautiful staining, and, more importantly, the numerous structural and installation challenges that Beech Tree’s designs had already taken into consideration. Our house was built in 1917, and its got some unusual shape to it. Beech Tree took all this into consideration and more, so that at each step of installation the carpenters were discovering new thoughtful innovations that made the Beech Tree cabinets work better—not just during installation, but for the lives of the cabinets (which I think will far outstrip the life of this house!) We opted for the “flush” cabinet fronts, which required that the milling and fine-tuning of the size and shape of the cabinet doors in relation to their frames be painstakingly precise. The results are fantastic. That detail is one of many that show the mastery and finesse that Beech Tree puts into their work. Simply, we love our cabinets. We knew that the cabinets we chose would be, in some sense, the “jewel” of our new kitchen, and for that, Beech Tree was the right choice. Thanks!

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