Get To Know Beech Tree WoodWorks: Become A FaceBook Fan

It’s not all work and no play! Sometimes the Beech Tree WoodWorks team manages to fit a little fun in to the schedule.

By Natalie Mourton

For Beech Tree Woodworks (formerly Beech Tree Building Company), having a Facebook business page is more than a tool for promoting the sustainable wood cabinets and wood furniture business. It has evolved into a fun way to connect, on a personal level, with clients and local businesses alike, share articles and ideas on sustainability, and even be a venue for voting on the business name change.

According to Nic James, the only reason he joined Facebook in July 2010 was to sell more cabinets. He has been pleasantly surprised, however, with what the simple social media site has become for him.

“What’s neat for me now is to look back at all of these photos of our projects and progress…To look back and go, ‘oh wow, we’ve done a lot in the past two and a half years.”

The Beech Tree Facebook page even played a large role in the final selection of their new name, Beech Tree Woodworks. Nic and his crew came up with several names they thought might work for the FSC®-certified business and put it to a vote on Facebook.
The “election” was held via a primary, followed by a final vote to pick the new name.

“That was fun, and by far the most response we’ve gotten on Facebook. We had about 30 comments and overwhelmingly the vote was for Woodworks. It was a nice way to get out there and get some feedback.”

Beech Tree Woodworks also uses Facebook to connect with and receive feedback from other local businesses, as well as friends and clients. They have received several supportive comments from businesses and woodworkers in the Seattle-Olympia area. In addition, Nic and his team are kept up to date on news and projects of the twenty-or-so local businesses and organizations they have “liked” and reciprocate by commenting on then their Facebook pages.

“I like to demonstrate what we’re up to in these different projects. It’s kind of neat to show behind the scenes, some of the processes, how the furniture is being put-together and joined, and show how things go together.”

Of course, there is the opportunity to share cool ideas and articles on sustainability amongst followers as well. Nic James enjoys sharing links to a client’s blog that focuses on sustainable forestry to further relate the work his team is doing in the green cabinetry and furniture field.

And for a personal touch, life events of the crew, such as a new baby or the team holiday party, as well as work installation travel photos, can be shared with clients and friends. Nic, who has been writing in journals since he was 18, sees it as sort-of a scrapbook or journal. To him, it’s an important record of time well spent.

Check out Beech Tree Woodworks Facebook Page here for project photos, news, and updates!!

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