Beech Tree Building Company Transitions To Beech Tree WoodWorks

Beech Tree Woodworks Woodworkers: Tony Houston, Ben Roosa, Jeff Kloppel, and Nic James

By Natalie Mourton

What’s in a name?

If you ask Nic James, there is much more to the name change behind Beech Tree Woodworks (previously known as Beech Tree Building Company.) For Nic, owner and founder of Beech Tree, the name unofficially symbolizes a sort-of arrival.

“I’m very comfortable calling ourselves woodworkers–experts at what we do. There is still a lot to learn, but given the time and resources, we can build anything out of wood. It’s kind of symbolic that we’ve arrived at that kind of title.”

Most of Nic’s work was as a contractor and carpenter when he founded the company in Olympia, Washington twelve years ago. Home construction and remodeling, framing, and decking in the greater Seattle-area were all a part of Nic James’ work, as well as building some custom furniture. At the time, Beech Tree Building Company was an appropriate name for the wide variety of work he was doing. Over the years, however, Nic and his team began to focus on other areas. They specialized in FSC®-certified custom cabinetry and custom furniture. The name became less relevant as they found their niche among the green and sustainable building community. “Woodworks” will be a more reflective title for Nic and his four employees.

“I think it’s more accurate to what we do–the cabinetry and the furniture. We are woodworkers with a wide array of skills in wood, design, and build knowledge.”

The “Beech Tree” part of the name will remain, as it was the beech tree growing on the property of Nic’s workshop that has, and will, continue to provide creative influence.

“The tree’s distinct beauty—its breathtaking, ever-changing colors and cyclical patterns—symbolizes Beech Tree Woodworks’ dedication to using nature as an inspiration in the work we create and to sustainability.”

Beech Tree Woodworks will be the official name of the business and should be finalized by the end of January. The website will be found at to further emphasize their niche work in green-certified custom cabinetry. Although Nic and his team primarily serve the needs of the Seattle-area market, they will also travel for custom-work and cabinetry installation both in and outside of the state of Washington. In the spring and summer of 2013, Beech Tree Woodworks will travel to a Northern California residence to install custom cabinets and custom furniture.

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