The Beginnings

At the encouragement of the folks who’ve been helping me with my website for the past year I have begun a Business Blog. This was something that initially I wasn’t to thrilled about. Having and running a small business in economically trying times has it’s share of inherent and time consuming challenges and if there wasn’t enough on my plate a Business Blog just seemed like another thing to add to the “to do” list.

One of the most stimulating parts of my job is that I get to talk to folks about the potential projects they are dreaming up and how we can be a part of it while offering creative and practical ideas. We really like this collaborative design process. Conversely, one of my least favorite things about running a custom wood shop is the “selling” of what we do and make. As essential and intrinsic to having a business as selling is, a Business Blog just seemed like this newly invented and partially artificial avenue to those means. Ego is partially to blame as I’m self aware enough that I shiver at the thought that I may be perceived as the proverbial “used car salesman” guy.

It didn’t take long to realize that a blog was a potentially really good tool. Eventually I was able to get my head around the idea of adding the making of bi-monthly postings to my laundry list and I was able to recognize that in so doing I then afford this opportunity to and for myself to really take careful aim with a keyboard and, with some depth, I could express what we do and what we care about. Because truth be told I’m constantly trying to distinguish myself from the pack. Education is a part of what we do when it comes to custom cabinetry and woodwork. We don’t know everything regarding these subjects but after over a decade of working with wood in several different capacities I’ve amassed a sizable body of work. With that has come a level understanding through hands on trial and error, problem solving and schooling in the backdropped context of over a hundred successful positive client transactions ranging from small to large that has lead to a good degree of expertise. That’s why we are professionals I suppose.

So my newly reformed self asks “What better way to tell folks what we do than a blog”? In it I will chronicle some thoughts on the subjects such as what we make, the process (both common and otherwise), our commitment to communication, customer service, professionalism and building sustainably. It is after all what I know best. This will be a small honest glimpse into our world and our desire to improve on all those integral elements of how we operate a small thriving custom cabinet/woodshop because underneath it all we want to succeed and prosper and that means getting better in all facets of this industry. A blog is our chance to wave our flag and see if we resonate with any one out there.

So follow along if you chose and please excuse the not-so-professional level of writing and if you are someone who is in the market for custom cabinetry/woodwork or you’re a G.C. or a designer/architect perhaps this will give you a new level of appreciation and relate-ability to our approach and indeed what sets us apart. Who knows…we maybe the right fit for you.

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